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Aunty Tommy's

Koko Samoa Drinking Chocolate Pods

Koko Samoa Drinking Chocolate Pods

  • Sugar Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
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Our Koko Samoa Drinking Chocolate Pods are 100% pure ground cacao paste. Contains no sugar! This is raw dark chocolate so is bitter to the taste. These are single serve size but still taste like the traditional flavour you know and love. Add Aunty Tommy's pods to a cup with boiling water and stir.


Weight: 200g.
Process: Stone ground.
Texture: Smooth no pegu.
Ingredients: 100% cacao paste.

Koko Samoa is traditionally untempered and can develop bloom. This is when cocoa butter separates from the other ingredients in the chocolate. Chocolate that has bloomed is still safe to eat. May contain traces of cocoa husk & nib.

Proudly made in New Zealand from imported ingredients.

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